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Electrify Magazine - 'A Volkswagen, The Great Outdoors and James Barkman'

Imagine if the beach was your front yard, the stars were your roof, the coastal cliffs were your playground and complete strangers became your companions.

For most, this type of fantasy only exists in their wildest dreams. For photographer James Barkman, this is reality and the life he scored when he loaded up his Volkswagen van and hit the open road to explore parts unknown. Barkman first moved into his VW van two years ago and has been traveling the country ever since. Barkman, with his heart set on adventure and his camera lens aimed at endless possibility, has become famous for his stellar outdoor photos and willingness to try just about anything. 

Amadeus Magazine - 'Dreaming In Color: A Conversation With French Illustrator Lucas Beaufort'

Many artists tribute their years of accumulated success and talent to their early adolescent exposure to the arts, claiming to have created masterpieces from the crib and learning how to paint before learning how to walk. For French illustrator Lucas Beaufort, it wasn’t until the age of 26 when he first picked up a brush, quit his day job of eight years, and pursued his newfound yet deeply rooted passion for creating.